iMedicalOffice is the first and most powerfull app for your practice. iMedicalOffice does not require an internet connection and offers a lot of features: Data protection, Data sharing, iCal integration, Activity and Appointments management,Annotations support, Patients management with custom data, Data organization by folders management, Multimedia integration, PDF and reporting and iCloud support.
iMedicalOffice works on iPad and iPhone and can share files by iCloud even with your MAC OS. If you need more info about please watch our demos or read our help on line. iMedicalOffice can supports your daily work with really small price. iMedicalOffice is optimized for dentistry too.


iMedicalOffice is the most powerfull and complete medical solution on App Store. iMedicalOffice is suitable for dentistry too.

iMedicalOffice supports: Data Protection,Data sharing,Daily Summary,Agenda and Calendar, Integration with iCal, Annotations, Historical Data, Patients Management with complete personalization, Appointments Management, Allergies Management, Medicines Management, Visits Management, Images Management,

Support for care plans through folders, Treatments and recipes, Documents in PDF format, AirPrint, Costs management and reporting, Ambulatories/Clinics Management, Support Notifications, Reports, Audio-Vocal annotations, Payments management, Radiology, Clinical and accounting reports, iCloud support, more...

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